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Foreword to Sit Down Traveler
Christopher Kennedy
26 Jul 2012
“Reading Sarah C. Harwell’s debut collection of poems, Sit Down Traveler, is a bit like rummaging through a forgotten box taken down from a shelf. The box contains old photographs. There is a family trip to an apple orchard, a night out with friends at a country western bar, and a glimpse of flowers placed at a memorial. Except these are not your pictures, not your family and friends. They belong to a stranger, but despite this disconnect there is something about them that compels you to keep looking at them.”
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Foreword to The Road to Happiness
Katrina Vandenberg
26 Jul 2012
“From Huck and Jim’s raft ride down the Mississippi, to the Joad family’s drive from Oklahoma to California after their crops are destroyed in the Dust Bowl, to fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross’s ride from Fort Smith, Arkansas, into the wilderness to avenge her father’s death—to go on the road means freedom, adventure, the shucking of responsibilities, and the promise of a better future, especially if that road heads west.”
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