Antilever welcomes submissions of collections of original poetry, criticism, essays, and translations through its website. There are no restrictions on style or length. Manuscripts are read anonymously and year-round, and we reply within two months. A reading fee of $10 applies.


Sponsorship Proposals

Those interested in introducing another writer’s book of poems with a critical foreword are invited to submit a one-page proposal. Describe the work in question and its admirable qualities. In cases where you have no acquaintance with the author of interest's recent work, indicate this in your proposal and the press will solicit a submission on your behalf.

It is not necessary to include a general submission with a proposal, and it is not necessary to include a proposal with a general submission. There is no reading fee for proposals.


Submission Instructions

When preparing your submission, ensure the author's name does not appear anywhere on the manuscript. Common document file types, including pdf, doc, docx, odt, and rtf, are all acceptable.

  1. Visit the submission portal at
  2. Sign in. If this is your first visit, create an account by clicking the Sign up link in the lower right. This account is distinct from any account you may have created on for book purchasing.
  3. Click an Add Submission button on the right-hand column, or select Add Submission from the Submissions menu.
  4. Under Publication, select your submission category: General Submissions for general poetry and prose submissions, Sponsorship Proposals for sponsorship proposals, etc.
  5. Select a genre, and enter a title and description. The description is optional.
  6. Use the file chooser to upload your document.
  7. Your submission will appear on your dashboard.
  8. For submission types that require a reading fee, your submission will not be read until payment is complete.
    1. Click the Checkout link for the submission.
    2. Enter your billing information.
    3. Enter your payment information.
    4. Click Process.
  9. You will be notified about decisions regarding your submission at the email address used for your portal account. If you ever need to withdraw your submission or provide a revision, return to the portal, sign in, and use the appropriate links in the right-hand column.


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